It's a special honour and pleasure for me and the entire filmteam to celebrate the premiere of my first shortfilm "THE REPAIRER" on 11. and 12. June 2021 with the kind support of arsVitha  at  the cinema Corso St.Vith.

I am looking forward to two exciting evenings with all of you. . . !

Tickets here:

In this sense, I would like to thank the best team you can imagine and without all this would not be possible: 

Many, many Thanks to:

Roger Arens  -  Camera / Editing / Assistant director

Chris Eyre-Walker  -  Camera / Light / Haze / Editing

Dany Gallo  -  Music / Sound 

The Actors:

Joé Keil - "HE"

Mary Schumacher -"She"

Roland Schumacher - "Farmer"

Nicole Adams - "Farmers Wife"

The Supporting Actors:

Anne-Sophie Velz, Nikolas Bongartz, Mark HosmarJulia LemaireGallo Manuel, Britta JährigGregor QuetschLaurence Mennicken, Fiona Böhmer, Marco Schröder

Set Dresser / Set Assistants / Assistant Producers:

Chris Eyre-Walker, Roger Arens, Dany Gallo, Joé Keil, Mary Schumacher, Helmut Hahn, Roland Schumacher, Nicole Adams, Nadine Adams, René Cremer, Raymond Cremer, Rudi Cremer, Irma Collgen, Freddy Cremer, Hubert Cremer, Sylvie Neven, Samuel Bello, Eric Löfgen

Additional Musicians (in colaboration with Dany Gallo)

Mary Schumacher (Song "Isolated Spheres") 

Roger Arens (Guitars)

Technical Support:

Chris Eyre-Walker, Dany Gallo (StudioW59D), Charly Theissen, Agora Theater, Helmut Hahn, Triangel St.Vith

Special thanks to ArsVitha


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