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TONARYOUS // Manufactory for Music Culture, V.o.G is an accotiation of young musicians from the German - speaking Community, East Belgium. Foundet in 2014 by Jean - Yves Szmida and Joshua Cremer.


The main goal is creative and musical expression  with audiovisual concepts.

Previos projects:

- SPLITCH (2017)

  Jean - Yves Szmida : Director, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Camera, Editing

  Joshua Cremer : Co - Director, Actor, Drums, Backing Vocals

  Dany Gallo : Recording Production / Mix, Synthesizer, Special Effects

  Romain Keller : Graphic Design

  Anne -Sophie Velz : DVD - Menü Design




- The Other Side (2015)

  Jean - Yves Szmida : Guitar, Vocals, Director

  Joshua Cremer : Drums

  Pascal Szmida : Acoustic Guitar (2015)

  Björn Marx : Bass

  Thomas Müller : Guitar (2016)

  Michael Jost : Sound Tech

  Sven Brauer :  Tech - Assistent



More infos:




The Other Side 2016

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