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Rural space, dream or nightmare ?
A story beyond the edge of the plate, right into it.

Directed by:

Joshua Cremer

Script & Production:

Chris Eyre-Walker, Joshua Cremer, Andreas Horsch


Andreas Horsch

Camera & Lighting:

Chris Eyre-Walker & Roger Arens

Music & Sound Design:

  Dany Gallo

Edited by:

Chris Eyre-Walker


Lucie Hammerschmidt & Christan Roosen



Matthias Weiland

 Assistant Producer:

Catherine Bettendorff & Roger Arens

Set Dresser:

Joshua Cremer, Chris Eyre-Walker, Roger Arens, Lucie Hammerschmidt, Christian Roosen,

Special Thanks to:

Hubert Cremer,  Rudi Cremer,  Irma Collienne,  Tony Hilgers,  Francis Hilgers,  Phillipe Schumacher,  Mary Schumacher & Frida the cow

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