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A film about a single and aging man whose everyday life is bleak and determined by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has not left his property for a long time and tries to avoid contact with the outside world at all costs.

But suddenly, strange events turn the compulsively standardised world of the grouchy neurotic upside down...

Written, produced and directed by

Joshua Cremer

Directors of Photography:

Chris Eyre-Walker & Roger Arens

Music & Sound composed and produced by

Dany Gallo

Edited by

Chris Eyre-Walker

Main Cast:

Marzel Maraite, Simon Zolotar

Vocal performance by

Samira Schür & Sandra Kringels


String performance by

Katrin Simons 

Supporting Cast:

Sven Brauer, Alizée Legros, Thomas Johanns, Joé Keil, Catherine Bettendorff, Marie Dolders, Mary Schumacher, Britta Gallo, Manuel Gallo, Kai Schleck, Heike Faymonville, Thomas Jodocy, Yannick Mollers, Katharina Cremer, Sylvie Neven, Eric Löfgen, Thierry Löfgen, Johnny Michels, Kristof Klöcker, Anne-Sophie Velz, Gregor Quetsch , Laurence Mennicken, Alain Viatour, Jenna Boheme, Elisa Cremer, Michelle Hennes.

Song "Firedance" performed by

Gedankengang / written by Gedankengang, Joshua Cremer & Dany Gallo 


Visual effects by

Anne-Sophie Velz


 Assistant director:

Roger Arens

 Assistant producer:

Catherine Bettendorff

Lighting & colour:

Chris Eyre-Walker

 Location sound engineer:

Dany Gallo


 Set dresser:

Roger Arens, Catherine Bettendorff, Joshua Cremer, Chris Eyre-Walker, Dany Gallo, Sylvie Neven, Nicole Adams, Tom Gallo, Marzel Maraite, Christina Classen.



Helmut Han & Kristof Klöcker

Set- swing and garden wall construction:

Helmut Hahn

Band scene: Stage construction and light show by

Nikolas Bongartz, Thorsten Schmitz and Mark Hosmar from Uptec - Sound & Light 


Catherine Bettendorff


Alizée Legros & Catherine Bettendorff


Catherine Bettendorff, Roger Arens

Special thanks to

the Ministry of the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Isabelle Weykmans, ArsVitha, Uptech - Sound & Light, Ralf Mölter, Patrick Willems, Erich Schmitz, Hubert Cremer, Freddy Cremer, Henry Fort, Reinhold Hoffmann.













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