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MINOGALAR - And You Should Know...


A project by Joshua Cremer and Sven Brauer.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Dany Gallo – Studio W59D - www.danygallo.com .

Written and composed by Minogalar

Story / Production / Direction by Minogalar

Cinematography: Roger Arens

Edited by Thierry Cornely

Actors: Mary Schumacher, Minogalar

Black Box construction: Helmut Hahn


Very special thanks to: Helmut Hahn (www.woodgarden.be), Nicole Adams, Dorota Brauer, Dany Gallo, Roger Arens ,Thierry Cornely, Mary Schumacher, Agora Theater, Roland Schumacher,Theatergruppe Crombach,Edith Cohnen, Dany Piel, Pint Paul, Charly‘s Musicshop, Hubert Cremer, Katharina Cremer, Freddy Cremer, Sylvie Neven, Samira Girretz, Lennon, Mario Seffer, P&M St.Vith, you and all the people who support us in any way !



"The peak is closer to the through than one might think.

In the infinity of distance a feeling is revealed.

Illusion goes.

Yearning stays."

- Minogalar


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